Monday, March 12, 2012

Riverdale Training 25.02.012

OK...time to take the old boy out for a play.

Started by leaving a front shoe on the ramp when unloading....
Got it put back on just before my dressage test and off we went.

Very well behaved, as he generally is, and was very obedient to do a nice test.

Onto show jumping....
There was a bit of a nasty turn between numbers 2 and 3 and he lost his back end, lost confidence and stopped. Represented and over we went.

Then he slipped again turning into the double, and said no.

Although he was eliminated, I still felt his attutude was a lot better, and it was just that he lost confidence in the going.

Cross country day....for the last few outings at Rotorua he has been sore, so it has not been a happy place for him; last time he was so sore he crashed a bit, and was on three legs. Being Willie, a wuss, no doubt he would remember that.

Yep...number two (in exactly the same place as he went splat last time) he basically said no before we even got there. However I belted him over and off we went. Had a few stops and I did use my stick a lot, but we got around. The further we went the less he thought about stopping, so all good.

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