Monday, March 12, 2012

Riverdale Training 25.02.012

OK...time to take the old boy out for a play.

Started by leaving a front shoe on the ramp when unloading....
Got it put back on just before my dressage test and off we went.

Very well behaved, as he generally is, and was very obedient to do a nice test.

Onto show jumping....
There was a bit of a nasty turn between numbers 2 and 3 and he lost his back end, lost confidence and stopped. Represented and over we went.

Then he slipped again turning into the double, and said no.

Although he was eliminated, I still felt his attutude was a lot better, and it was just that he lost confidence in the going.

Cross country day....for the last few outings at Rotorua he has been sore, so it has not been a happy place for him; last time he was so sore he crashed a bit, and was on three legs. Being Willie, a wuss, no doubt he would remember that.

Yep...number two (in exactly the same place as he went splat last time) he basically said no before we even got there. However I belted him over and off we went. Had a few stops and I did use my stick a lot, but we got around. The further we went the less he thought about stopping, so all good.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hunua Training HT 21.01.2012

First outing for Willie for a while, and I must confess I wasnt exactly sure about jumping him, even though he has been jumping well and very keen. I guess its that hangover from when he hasnt been happy (sore, and then unhappy with his shoeing).

However, he was SO happy to be out and about.

Very short warm up for dressage and in we went. What a happy pony....he was lovely, although couldnt resist a little oopsy in his canter transition - cheeky!

He got great marks, and following my final halt salute the judge actually said to me "What a neat horse!" so that made my day. Comments on his test sheet also very nice with all 7's at the bottom and comments like him looking after me...and rider comment: "well ridden, lucky you!"

Unfortunately, Willie didn't get to jump at all, as I had injured my thumb and shoulder and was in far too much pain to even try.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Riverdale HT 5/6 November 011

Willie was a dream warming up, and did a really nice quiet flowing dressage test for a score of 61%.

Not to be I'm afraid.
Not sure if it was memories of previous outings at that venue where he had been sore, indeed on three legs at one, or maybe the softness in the ground worried him?, but he was not happy, and I got the impression that he really didnt want to be there.

He didnt spark up at all, as he usually does jumping, and when we turned to go through the start flags he actually napped. I did then get him to approach number 1, clouted him, and he stopped!?

He then jumped it, and did the same at number two....then at number three

So, not sure what's up.
Perhaps time to get a new pony? ... will take him show jumping at Waerenga in December though and see how he feels on a different venue.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Woodhill Sands HT 29/30 October 2011

As Willie has a large hole in his sole (albeit packed with putty) and was on three legs on the Monday, I wasnt sure about running him on the fine silty sand of Woodhill given the risk of it working up into the hole.

However, we started the dressage and he did his usual calm obedient Willie test to score 68.5% for 6th place.

Predominantly scored 7's with one 8 (walk trans) and a handful of 6's.
All 7's at bottom portion "Calm obedient mount. Combination looked happy and confident but lacking bend and could show a little more engagement at this level"

I decided not to jump him this weekend, and am unsure if it was due to negative vibes surrounding me and outweighing my previous positivity, or because of his foot.

However, I do plan to jump him next weekend, on the grass.

Also need to feed back into my positive thought process and ignore any negativity that surrounds me.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Te Rapa Horse Trial 1/2 October 2011

First outing with Willie for a very long time....last being at Rotorua towards the end of last year when he pulled up very lame at the start of pre novice XC.

Having barely jumped him for ages, I had a SJ lesson with Wendy on Friday.

Not too bad, although I felt he was a little harshly marked perhaps...he was very obedient and just 'did his thing'... 54.7% for 45.3 penalty mark

Show jumping
What on earth was going to happen?
I almost didnt run him as it was so long since I had done a SJ round on him...then thought, ah blow it, whatever happens, who cares, just go in and give it a go.

Which I did. He took a rail somewhere although not sure at what, and apart from a bit of a cheeky stop at the first part of the double (typical) - (and then proceeding to rear and leap around as he was aware he had been naughty)...he then flew round the rest very happily, so I was quite pleased.
Thanks to Gina for SJ shots: at least on this angle you cant see the 'interesting' facials...just the big butt :-)
Cross Country
I had forgotten how to ride him...when he leans and runs you do NOT take your leg off....indeed he tends to get strung out and long and need MORE is also an excuse for him to stop given "mum's not home".

He stopped at the coffin which surprised me somewhat, but I think it was a bit of a cheeky one. Next jump a drop he also stopped at and even when I jumped it, I got the feeling he was genuinely worried about it for some reason.

Absolutely flew round the next bit of the course, and up to the main arena. Unfortunately there were only two jumps that Dave could see from the donut trailer...and we stopped at both of them. The big double brush first, and I again just took my leg off and didnt sit up, so he was a bit cheeky, the next being a drop into the line of a big tree. I took the option, then waited for another rider to pass through and get several jumps ahead before continuing (so I got LOTs of time faults)...he then flew around the rest of the course also.

Quite surprised at his fitness as he was barely puffing....I had been concerned that he may not be fit enough, but he was.

Although the score board was pretty shocking, both Willie and I enjoyed ourselves.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Woodhill sands HT 24.9.11

Willie stepped into the slot as schoolmaster for Saarin at Woodhill Sands horse trial in the pre training, she having barely ridden him for a very long time, let alone jumping him.

He was very well behaved for her and did a lovely dressage test for over 60%.

Next onto the show jumping.

Poor Saarin was really dreading the show jumping....wasnt AT ALL worried about cross country-ing him though.

First couple he happily popped over the jumps, before grinding to a slow motion halt in front of the third...he apparently was a bit concerned that his rider wasnt really sure she wanted to be doing this. However, he somehow gave her the vibe that he would indeed look after her, and after a canter circle to get themselves together they proceeded to complete the course.

I had not credited Willie with the strength of character he showed...he did not even tank off in the show jumping as he likes to do....he simply cantered sedately, with the odd trot stride and popped around the rest of the course.

Great to see Saarin finish with a smile on her face.
Not easy to step onto a strange horse, and a big one at that, and do your first competition in a long time.

Unfortunately the rain meant that the going XC was horrendous, and that, added to another two hour wait after I had ridden, lead to the decision to pack up and go home.

However, all in all a successful weekend.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Kaurilands 03.07.011

Once again Willie was on his best behaviour, and seemed very happy to be out and about.

I was absolutely thrilled with his first test; he was a real pleasure to ride and felt happy and loose.

Test 1.6 66% for 4th place
"Nice rhythm esp in trot, but needs to go more fwd and show more energy esp in canter where he starts to nod.

He went very well in his second test also but didnt score quite as well, although got another 7 for paces.

Test 1.5